Touchstone Climbing



Touchstone Climbing, Inc. is the nations largest climbing and fitness gym. In 2014, Touchstone had nine established gyms with two more launching in 2015.

Determine how to best engineer a responsive site to accommodate each gym's unique brand and information while efficiently feeding global gym content.


A multi-site content design and management system that allows the parent company to update global content in an instant. The master gym template is duplicated and a gym profile is loaded which populates the gym's unique data fields and branding assets. 

Launch Project

Behind the scenes

Pencils before pixels

I believe that sketching ideas before sitting at the computer allows you to make worth while mistakes and drafts that will lay the foundation for a strong well-thought design.

Content & navigation development

Staying organized was critical to the content design of this multi-site system. Every detail was considered, from slugs to templates for each page.

Global Content

The "Multi-Gym Content" profile is where the client can write and post content adopted by all gyms, just once. Global content examples: welcome to the company, membership terms, types of climbing, etc.

Gym Profile

The "Gym Profile" is completed for each location. This profile dynamically changes brand identity and unique gym information. Gym Profile examples: hex values, logos, social media #'s and @'s, pricing, amenities, location, etc.