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Premium Transition Model

Pant Promotion

Nearly every womans outdoor or lifestyle brand has a little black yoga pant. Our challenge was to develop a campaign for the annual pant promotion that set our pants apart from the rest. During a brainstorm, we shared an ah-ha! statement:  We don’t just have any black yoga pants. We have thoughtfully engineered black yoga pants. This campaign was not only playful and brand-right, but it shined a light on each technical attribute of our well-developed pants.

Hangtag System

The former clam-style hangtag system needed to be condensed and represent the new brand identity. A goal was set  to have all information collapse onto one side of a single cardstock tag. I collaborated with the printer and product team to orchestrate the product names, collections details, technical definitions, and SKU details that would pulled be from the database. This concept tag is now in production for Fall 2014.

Perfect Booty Pant



Mother of Exiles Wine Label

A label to stand out in a line of traditional Denner labels, this design represents 3 tumbling blocks for the 3 different varietals in the wine. The wine combination is unique, bold, and breaks the norm. Skills: Illustration, Photoshop, Design + Direction

tooth & nail wine brand & labels

“Scars on our hands and pains in our bodies, we press on. This wine, born of rugged earth and earnest toil, is the testament of our struggle.” A masculine, raw wine brand for a bold winemaker in the Central Coast. In collaboration with Proof of San Luis Obispo. Skills: Typography, Direction + Design

Letters Home Label

A feminine, romantic, and fruity concept. Skills: Illustration, Hand-lettering, Design + Direction

Keepin' It Fresh Wine Label

Concept designed for Trader Joes. Neon and Gold Foil. Skills:  Illustration, Hand-lettering, Design + Direction

comique revolution wine label

“They’d add extravagance to outdo one another; cost was a virtue, scarcity a prize. We told them they’d topple, but they never listened.” Wine concept and label designed for an underdog winemaker. Skills: Typography, Photo Manipulation, Design + Direction

collide wine label & concepts

concept designed for a unique trader joes red blend. Skills:  Illustration, Photoshop, Hand-lettering, Design + Direction

front label

back label

Petalon Wine Labels

A bottle to bring to a friend as a gift for it's beauty.
Skills: Illustration, Design + Direction