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Develop a system of standards, processes and resources for cross-functional teams to reference when creating content for Salesforce’s marketing website,


The Pain Points

No source of truth. We have too many documents and assets saying the same (or slightly different) thing.
We can't test and innovate fast enough as we don't have that "source of truth" resource.
We need a better library to understand what components are available to us in the design phase of projects.
How can we give our creative partners more freedom to innovate?
We use Photoshop for designs standards, but only designers benefit from that. How can we share design standards with cross-functional teams?

Sketch Library System


The Solution

A multi-site design and content management system that allows the parent company to update global content in an instant. New gyms are created by duplicating a master gym template and loading the gym profile which populates unique data fields and branding assets. Individual user profiles and logins allow gym managers to maintain gym-specific content. A customizable community calendar with sync features filters events from all gyms in one place creating an ideal experience for the gym member.


Design System Design + Sketch Library Design + Design Documentation


Jacob Swift, Sr UX Manager + Joi Kautz, Web Product Manager + Justin Macha, Art Director + Wenny Lo, Sr. Art Director + Jessica Kwok, Senior Designer + Katie Worson, Sr UX Manager



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