I am a versatile designer with 8+ years in branding and digital experience.

My diverse experience with a variety of companies, clients, and developers has strengthened my skills in different disciplines within branding, web design, marketing, and business strategy.

My futurist and strategic strengths allow me to transform obstacles into opportunities by quickly analyzing all alternatives before choosing a direction. My awareness of process ensures details aren’t sacrificed due to deadlines.


Owner & Designer | 2007–Present
Bud and Barrel, LLC, Oakland, CA

Art Direction & Graphic Design | 2005–Present
San Francisco Bay Area

Senior Manager of Brand Creative | 2014-May
Mark and Graham of Williams-Sonoma, Inc., San Francisco, CA

Mid-Level Designer | 3.2011–9.2013
lucy Activewear, VF Outdoor, Alameda, CA

Designer & Project Manager | 02.2010–02.2011
Proof Wine Collective, San Luis Obispo, CA

Senior Designer | 12.2008–02.2010
S. Lombardi & Associates, San Luis Obispo, CA

Junior Designer | 08.2007–12.2008
The Tonytail Company & Storus Corporation, San Ramon, CA


The Art Institutes of California — San Francisco
B.S. Graphic Design, 12.2008


Brand + Identity
Brand Development
Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Art Direction

Responsive Design
Product Strategy
User Experience
User Interface

Microsoft Office
Collaboration Software


By Hand
Screen Printing
Photo Styling

I asked ten of my colleagues what they saw as my strengths and this is what they said:



"You're an effective problem solver. You can tackle a design problem from many view points and angles bringing fresh perspective."

"You are one of the best designers I know. You have an eye and a talent for creating work that varies greatly but always represents the client. I think your hand-done stuff is especially unique."

"You're an outside the box thinker and fun to work with."


"In stressful situations you have the ability to cope, to move forward gracefully and even give support to others because you understand the situation for what it is, not larger than life"


"You put a critical eye to the question at hand. Whether its aesthetics, or the usability you are critical to find the solution."

"Loyal and committed. You are all in. Stay through the hard stuff and work diligently."

"You have great perseverance, strive for the best in yourself and in your work. You have high expectations and an excellent work ethic."

"You understand how creative can drive a businesses bottom line and weave approaches to meeting big brand goals at every turn."


"You've always been passionate about your work and your tenacity to want to put the best product out there as it represents you."

"Your passion naturally fuels you to be driven and positively motivated, even if the work is hard."

"You are also one of the hardest workers I know, confident in your talent and direction."


"Your dedication to thoughtful work I believe truly sets you above most who just want to get the job done."

"People trust you with their projects, to be both creative and brilliant, you seem to take that as an honor and thus treat your responsibilities seriously."

"When the hard stuff comes, you are willing to see the positive and not let the negative overcome the project."

Natural Leader

"You are a leader, we all know that. You are competent to either lead people in a project and collaborate. You don't hold grudges, I always like that about you."

"Your passion and your learned ability to harness it makes you a good leader."