Sylvia Aranda

About Me

I create and optimize brand experiences. Over the past 10+ years, I’ve honed my craft by managing the branding, design and optimization of web design and customer experiences for Fortune 500 eCommerce sites, tech, and passionate, large or small, businesses.

I show up with honesty and integrity. My clients often say that when they work with me, they feel like I am a member of their team.

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My approach

I believe in building meaningful relationships with my clients from understanding their roots, investing in their goals, listening to their challenges, and connecting with their customers to gain a deep understanding of the challenges we’re solving together.

This approach allows me to deliver solutions that are not only beautiful, but memorable and drive the bottom line.


What I do for you

Brand Strategy
Design Systems

Logos & Logotypes

Brand Standards

Content Strategy
Information Architecture
Content Direction

Ecommerce Strategy
Ecommerce Website Design
Ecommerce Platform

Visual Design
User Experience
Website Design

Label Design
Package Design
Collateral Design
Book Design

When you work with me you’re working directly with the art director, strategist, designer, and project manager. While I am known for being a powerhouse, I am better known for getting the job done right which means that I know when to collaborate with experts from my network in research, SEO, social media, photography, videography or web and app development.


My Golden Thread


Be tenacious about goals and flexible about methods.
Practice excellence. Bring heart.


What I Value



I believe in building meaningful relationships with my clients. When I start a new partnership, I listen and dig deep to understand their business, brand, and goals. This allows me to collaborate with you in defining a solution that will allow your business to scale and for you to feel confident and empowered as a business owner.



We serve people. Gaining a deep understanding of the realities we are designing for is the foundation of great design.


Thinking differently, gaining perspective, and stepping outside the box is always worth it.


It’s important to me that start off with a good foundation and align on expectations so we stay on budget and hit deadlines.


My Strengths

I asked clients and colleagues what they saw as my strengths and this is what they said: